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8 PM

Reynolds Performance Hall

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SAB is proud to present, NEEDTOBREATHE! Brothers Bear Rinehart and Bo Rinehart started the band NeedtoBreathe in their hometown of Seneca, South Carolina. The boys were first exposed to music when their father was running a church camp and they’ve been playing instruments and writing songs ever since. After adding Seth Bolt to the group, NeedtoBreathe began playing live shows and shortly after signed a record deal.

In 2006, the band releasing their first full-length album Daylight which featured the song, “You Are Here.” They followed Daylight with The Heat in 2007, which included the song, “Signature of Divine (Yahweh), Outsiders in 2009 which featured the song, “Something Beautiful,” and The Reckoning in 2011 which included the song, “Drive All Night.”

“The last few records, we weren’t trying to make the record a certain thing,” Bear says. “Faith keeps coming up in the songs, and we’re trying to find the most earnest way to say it. Our ideas in what we believe in haven’t dwindled.”

NeedtoBreathe has received mainstream success as well, even opening for Taylor Swift on the North American leg of her Speak Now world tour in 2011. “We've seen over the years that our fans consider NeedtoBreathe to be a whole experience,” says Bo. “Having a hit single is great and everything, but the only relationship a fan has with most bands like that is the three minutes they hear on the radio. We've always wanted something deeper than that.”

With their latest project Rivers in the Wasteland (April 11, 2014), the boys continue to write music with the aim to reach and inspire people. “It’s important for me to make art that’s important for me,” Bo says. “Of course, you want to have as many people as possible to hear it. The most important part is, Did we do what mattered? That is the supreme end goal. The only regrets we have are when someone persuaded us to do something we didn’t want to do ... What we’re trying to do goes against what people expect us to do.”

“People sing along with their own meanings,” Bear adds. “What’s important is holding on to what we think is important.”

Ticket information:

For UCA Students, on sale beginning Monday, August 28th for $15 (limit 6).

For General Public, on sale beginning Wednesday, August 30th for $20.

Tickets can be purchased at the Reynolds Box Office, Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm.

Tickets also available online beginning Wednesday, August 30th at uca.edu/tickets.

For more information, call the Reynolds Box Office at 501-450-3265.